Busch & Muller Big Bang review£550.00

Simply one of the best lights you can buy

BikeRadar score4.5/5

Quite simply a stunning bit of kit. With a beam pattern designed along the lines of how motorcycle and car headlights behave (with a cut-off dark section on the top) it's the friendliest light to oncoming traffic as well as easily the best for riding with.

The gas discharge bulb is incredibly bright within 10 seconds and the whole unit, although a little on the large side, is lightweight and easy to install. Removal is lightning fast thanks to an excellent clamp and the run time is quite staggering for such a bright light. There's a clip-on-off road lens that spreads the light evenly around, although this is clearly not for use on the road. Despite our best efforts at impact and water abuse, the Big Bang kept on running without a single problem.

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