Hope LED2 Epic review£210.00

This light works best as a helmet-mounted unit, it provides a puddle rather than a solid beam of illumination

BikeRadar score4/5

In typical Hope style almost everything on this light is machined from billet aluminium alloy.The mount is a lovely thing, but you need an Allen key to remove your light, a major drawback if you're commuting and simply want to unclip it before you lock up your bike.

The new four-cell battery extends the run time quite a bit over last year's model and the light quality is pretty good for riding with. It's more a soft puddle of light rather than a beam but once you get used to it you realise it's particularly good for judging just how fast you're travelling.

A better option for this light is to use the helmet mounting and stick the battery in your backpack or jersey pocket. This makes better use of the puddle of light, and the higher position suits it better as well, as it rids you of the annoying tools-to-remove it problem.

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