Lezyne Mini Drive LED front light review£49.99

Commuting torch

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Perpetually stylish bike bits design house Lezyne have just announced a line-up of three simple but effective LED headlights, with the Mini Drive looking a great option for commuting or better lit nighttime training.

For a start, at 94g including chunky resin mount (with oversize or old-skool inch bar sizes) it’s extremely light. The 86x28mm cylinder is barely bigger than a CO2 cartridge so it takes up minimal bar or pocket space and it slides easily on and off the bar bracket for security and recharging.

Another commuter bonus is the USB charger cable which lets you slot it into your Mac/PC rather than having to remember to take a separate charger to work. The three constant light levels from the single 150 lumen rated LED are best described as dim – okay for using on well lit roads and okay for steady rides on unlit roads you know.

Run time at full whack on our Mini Drive test sample was only 45 minutes before it started to flash, but Lezyne's UK distributors Upgrade Bikes assure us that production lights will have a run time of 1hr 5min. Spare batteries are available (Lezyne's cost £14.99/US$13.99) but if you’re riding hard after dark, you'll probably be better off with the company's more powerful, longer running Power Drive (£79.99, 300 lumen) or Super Drive (£99.99, 450 lumen) options.

This article was originally published in Triathlon Plus magazine.

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