Light And Motion Stella 200 review£184.99

Rechargeable front light

BikeRadar score4/5

The Light And Motion Stella 200 features a new reflector, which gives out a great quality beam pattern. There’s a bright spot in the middle of the beam to offer plenty of ‘reach’, yet it gives off enough spread to allow for good peripheral vision. This helps you get a good judgement of speed, even when riding on very dark lanes.

We managed to squeeze an impressive five hours out of these on full power after five charge cycles (more than claimed on the box), but on medium power we got slightly less than the claimed 10 hours. We didn’t test low power as we didn’t fancy hanging around for over 20 hours…

The lightweight (191g) lithium ion battery charges up in exactly four hours, and the whole thing is well made, well sealed and easy to fit thanks to the new rubber strap light mounting and Velcro strap battery mounting. There’s a very long wire from the battery to the light, which is great news if you want to wear the Stella on your helmet, but it’s a bit much to try to keep tidy when installing the light on your bars.

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