Lumicycle LED System 4 spot/flood XeLite26 lights review£629.99

Turn night to day

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Is the new System 4 as epic as the price? Well let’s look at the figures. There’s a flood- and a spot-light, both hoofing out 1,120 lumens – a combined output of 2,240 lumens! To put this into perspective, that’s more than a halogen car headlight on full beam.

Many combinations of lights and batteries are available, but our range topper featured two batteries, one with a dual output to run both lights on the bike. We found it best to separate the power, running the spotlight on the helmet and a battery pack in our backpack and the flood on the bars and  -mounted battery.

Trail illumination is incredible – it’s as if night becomes day. On full chat you really can ride trails at the same speed you would in daylight, sometimes faster, because by nightfall, ramblers are in bed.

The toggle switches take a little getting used to, but are soon mastered. The diminutive li-ion batteries’ 2.2-hour burn time can be increased by using the two lower output settings, but the insane brightness of full power is addictive.

The only problem we found is they’re a bit antisocial when riding in a group, because it’s impossible not to blind everyone you look at!

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