Lupine Tesla 5 light review£325.00

Excellent all-round choice

BikeRadar score4.5/5

Over three hours on full power is pretty good going for a light that weighs in at under 350g, but the most impressive thing about this light is the beam pattern.

It's excellent, with a hotspot centre that packs considerable punch to light your way down the trail/road, and yet there's a well-defined peripheral spread as well that gives just the right amount of light for judging distance and speed.

This light defines a benchmark in LED beam patterns – the only other manufacturer to get close is Light and Motion – and just has something about it that lets you ride with utter confidence.

Lupine's programmable power control system allows you to switch between three modes of operation, and also control light cut-off behaviour depending on battery capacity settings.

Even when you’re using it on low power, it's still a light you can ride surprisingly quickly with. Side visibility is good too, and the simple O-ring mounting is both easy to fit and secure in use.

The battery level indication comes on nice and early (so no getting left in the dark), the mount is simple and solid, and the button is easy to use and positive in action.

It might throw out less light than Lupine's own Wilma 5, but this is an example of how the quality of light, and not the quantity, is the important factor.

Off-road: 4.5/5

Road: 4.5/5

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