S-Sun L130 front light review£24.99

Sanyo front light

BikeRadar score3.5/5

With an impressive burn time in constant mode and a reasonable mounting the S-Sun L130 from Sanyo seems impressively bright when you look at it. 

The problem though, is that the beam just isn’t quite up to riding with, and at nearly 30 quid it really should be packing a bit more of a punch. 

Visibility is good though and the little side windows on the front of the light allow a respectable amount of light to spill out, making it pretty good when viewed fro the side. It didn’t live up to the claimed ‘waterproof to 50 metres’ either, with water ingress apparent in our water test (and no, we didn’t have to go to 50 metres…).

Not enough to cause any problems, but it still got in there. 

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