Exposure Beacon diffuser cap review£5.00

From light to lantern

BikeRadar score4/5

As well as the Diablo version tested here, Exposure also offer Beacon diffuser caps for the Joystick, Race and Maxx-D. It's the simplest of ideas, but for only a fiver or so you can put this translucent and flexible silicone bulb over the top of your favourite light and instantly turn it into a lantern.

You could leave it on your helmet mount for trailside repair floodlighting or upturn the light on a table for a tabletop light to read by. It's superb for riding and camping too, where your bike light can instantly be transformed into a tent lantern. It gives a reasonably good diffused light, although it still has a slight centre hotspot to the beam. For the money and space it takes up though, this is a must-buy for Exposure users.

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