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Aussie-built lightset

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Whether you need some new lights for 24-hour events, night rides or just the commute home, these Aussie-built (but Lancashire born and bred) items are worth a look.

The Ay Ups come in a large neoprene pouched wrap that you tuck and roll like a burrito. They come with all the wiring, mounting and charging bits you could ever need for anything involving darkness, including a car lighter charge plug, plus a handful of spares.

The hardware includes two high-power LED double-beam lights that are independently adjustable, one long-life battery pack plus two shorter-life units, a mains charger unit for two batteries, a decent helmet mount and extra mounts for other bikes.

The main battery pack burns for six hours or so on full beam, then fades slowly over about nine hours. The two smaller battery packs burn for about three hours each on full beam plus the same slow fade, so you should never get stranded without illumination.

We like the simplicity of the on/off switch on the battery packs, and full beam is bright enough for anything if you run both lights. Tough neoprene battery pouches, straps and zip-ties make the light and battery fit secure and adaptable for any bike or any helmet.

The 12V dual lithium polymer charger holds two batteries at a time, so with all three packs in use you have 12 hours of powerful lighting followed by the slow fade. A long extension cable lets you put the battery in a backpack or pocket.

Despite their low cost and simplicity, the zip-tie bar and helmet fittings will irritate some riders. Also, while £249 is reasonable value for the amount of kit you’re getting here, you can get more lighting power for less money if you don’t need the long burn times.

If you genuinely need loads of burn time, these are the lights for you. The ‘Roadie’ pack, which is £100 cheaper, may be a better option for some, with its single six-hour battery and dual beam light unit.

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