Abus Granit X-Plus 54 300 lock review£89.99

Near unbreakable

BikeRadar score5/5

The Granit X-Plus is one of our firm favourites. It’s superbly designed, even down to the mount bracket, which will fit most bikes thanks to its ratchet web design – a nice change from the cheap plastic and shim mounts we usually see.

The parabolic shackle makes it impossible to burst the lock with a bottle jack, the material is bolt crop resistant and the square shackle and double bolt mechanism means if you cut through one side of the shackle it still won’t open, so two cuts need to be made to get through this one.

In our first round of tests we tried cropping, which barely left a mark. Setting the hammer and chisel on the lock just caused cosmetic damage to the barrel and twisting the shackle didn’t open the treasure chest either – a confident pass for the Granit’s first five minutes.

Our portable angle grinder took a whole 4min 43sec to get through both sides of the shackle – that’s just 17 seconds away from a complete pass, and for a portable lock it’s a superb result.

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