Abus Granit chain review£99.99

Ideal for home use

BikeRadar score4/5

At just shy of three kilograms the Granit chain isn't the most portable of locks. What it is, though, is tough.

The chain links resisted cropping from both of our sets of bolt croppers (that’s one 3ft and one 4ft set). Axe, chisel and hammer attacks only damaged its casing cosmetically, and after five minutes of abuse the lock and chain were both in good working order.

A second, more extreme attack using power tools saw us cut through one complete link in two minutes. That’s an impressive cutting time, for the size and weight of the Granit.

The Granit is ideal for home, shed or office use, and perfectly suited to keeping in the back of your van so you can lock your bike safely inside at events.

It’s not the easiest to carry, but at 43in long you can wrap it easily around even the chunkiest of waists or sling it over your shoulder. Abus offer a carrying sack for £9.99 which helps if you stuff the chain inside your rucksack.

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