Bikehut 90cm chain and padlock review£30.00

Simply not man enough

BikeRadar score1.5/5

At first glance this lock appears to be the same as the Squire DCL1/J13 and, at £10 cheaper, we thought we were onto a potential bargain.

The padlock looks very similar – although visually the metal isn’t quite so bright, but that seemed to just be a matter of finish – and it's a similar weight.

However, we were disappointed: we cropped through the BikeHut’s links in just 10 seconds with our short bolt croppers – a poor performance compared with the Squire version or other chain links of a similar size.

The material in the links seems to be the problem: it’s soft and compresses easily, like a steel alloy that hasn’t been hardened.

It has the look of a tough, high security product and is relatively cheap, but the sad truth is that it isn’t a bargain, as you’ve got the inconvenience of a heavy chain to lug around if you use it out and about, but without the strength of a quality chain.

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