Kryptonite Modulus 1010S lock review£29.99

More of a visual deterrent

BikeRadar score1.5/5

Kryptonite's all-new modular lock system is quite a clever idea for quick stops. The Modulus isn’t a high security item, more a neat and clever immobiliser, but its fitting bracket can be strapped to a tube or mounted on bottle cage mounts.

The mount bracket can even be attached to a car rack – a good option if you want to keep your bikes safe when travelling. The lock mechanism only clips to the mount bracket though, and doesn’t lock in place, so you need to be careful that you loop the cable through the frame and whatever you’re securing it to.

At 1.8m the long cable is a handy length to thread through both the wheels and frame, and aftermarket loop-ended cable accessories are available, along with the 1080S model that comes with dual loop-ended cable attachments.

All this convienience is very welcome and the system certainly does have its benefits for short stops. Unfortunately, because only a cable provides the security, it’s not tough enough to repel a thief with even the most basic tools. We managed to sever the lock in just over a second, and that’s not great.

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