Kryptonite New York MC lock review£79.99

Ultra tough U-lock

BikeRadar score5/5

The New York is the daddy of tough U-locks, seemingly having been around forever and continuing to win test after test. But what makes it so good? Strength, pure and simple.

The shackle is stiff and very hard, so twisting and cropping are all but impossible. It’s a clever lock, too. A dual bolt central locking mechanism armoured with two steel sleeves prevents the lock being drilled and makes it extremely resilient to both hammer blows and other striking attacks.

The New York flew through our five-minute attack with barely a mark on it. In test two, with power tools, the shackle needed two cuts – because of that dual bolt mechanism – which meant four minutes of cutting time.

That’s a lot of sparks and a long period of noisy cutting, all of which makes it more probable that a thief is going to get noticed. The New York comes with three keys, a frame mounting bracket and a US$3,000 guarantee.

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