Master Lock Street Fortum Bonus Pack review£30.00

Decent length but far from secure

BikeRadar score2/5

The Fortum looks to be an excellent deal – a sturdy U-lock and cable for under £30 seems great – but we were a little wary.

The last time we tested the Fortum, we severed the shackle in under 20 seconds and then simply rotated the shackle outwards.

This time we approached the lock with plenty of confidence, but the material of the shackle has been changed since we last tested it, and its crop resistance is now pretty good.

Our croppers put a significant dent in the shackle but didn’t sever it. We then levered the shackle and it cracked in less than two minutes, allowing us to rotate the lock mechanism enough to remove the frame.

Not great, but a significant improvement over the previous test sample we tried and that gives us confidence that Master Lock are improving their products.

The Fortums are nowhere near the best locks available but, for less than £30 and with a 1.2m cable, it’s not all bad news.

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