Master Lock Tuff Links 1m Integrated Chain Lock review£25.00

Impressive chain for the price

BikeRadar score3/5

Master Lock claim the links on this chain are made from a highly cut- and crop-resistant titanium-boron alloy steel which should make this one tough cookie, but it wasn’t as strong as it looked.

The Tuff Links has a fixed barrel lock and pin mated to each end of the chain, which makes it simple to use. Unfortunately there’s usually a weak point where the lock and chain join.

This proved not to be the case, as the Tuff Links is well protected in that area – but when we attacked the mechanism itself, it took us less than two minutes to separate the lock mechanism from its housing, allowing the two halves to separate.

This is still an impressive time for a low-priced product and when we tried cutting the links out of curiosity, they withstood a very impressive 1min 43sec of cutting – good work for a chain that costs £25.

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