OnGuard 5000 U-Lock Brute LS review£45.00

Good value shackle

BikeRadar score3.5/5

The latest full-suspension bike designs are a diverse bunch, but they have one thing in common – standard length shackle U-locks can be difficult to fit, so you’ll be in the market for a long shackle version.

Usually these come with a compromise – the longer the shackle, the more leverage you can apply and the easier they are to twist and pop.

Luckily, the Brute LS is made from ultra-stiff hardened steel so it resists twisting well. Our hammer, chisel and axe were all thwarted too, and after the first test the Brute was intact – even the thick rubberised sleeve was looking in pretty reasonable nick despite the abuse it’d suffered, so we can see that this would protect the paintwork of your bike.

We cut through the shackle in a little over a minute in our power tool test, which is fairly good for a lock that costs £45. This is one of the best long shackle designs on the market, for a reasonable price.

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