OnGuard Rottweiler 5024 cable lock review£37.00

No real security

BikeRadar score1/5

This link armour lock from OnGuard looks somewhat more substantial than many other cables with its larger diameter casing (25mm).

The 1.2m length means it’ll fit through both your frame and wheel, and to what you’re anchoring them to – all good points for a lock to have, providing it performs. Unfortunately, like most cables we see, this is all too easy to break.

It’s substantially better than some others we've tested – the armour is thicker and stronger, and it has very good resistance to being crushed.

But it can still be cropped, and that’s down to the armoured links having too much movement, which allowed us to get the jaws of our bolt croppers in a gap. Tighter fit or extra armour would reduce the chance of this.

Once you’re through the covering, the internal cable diameter is just 7mm; that’s more than most but it’s still not enough.

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