Oxford Barrier cable lock review£23.00

Visual deterrent only

BikeRadar score0.5/5

This cable lock is marketed as a high-security lock, and with features like articulated armoured sections and a rubbery outer that will protect your bike from scratches and dings, it certainly looks the part.

It comes complete with a mounting bracket, although this was made from sub-standard material and so awkward to fit that we don’t think we know anyone who’d go to the trouble of attaching it to their bike.

The major issue with this cable, though, is that while it looks pretty substantial and tough, once you crush the so-called ‘armour’, the inner cable is just 4mm thick – and we could cut it with pliers!

This lock was destroyed in just three seconds with our croppers; it may only cost £20 but that performance is unacceptable for something that calls itself a lock. Spend £20 on something like this and you’ll soon be spending a whole heap more replacing your bike.

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