Oxford HD chain lock review£34.99

Decent lock, bargain price

BikeRadar score3/5

Oxford are well known for offering a wide range of locks – although not always good ones – at very reasonable prices. Fortunately, in this instance they’ve got it right. Essentially the HD (Heavy Duty) chain is an Oxford-branded Magnum chain, and Magnum do these well.

The chain could not be cropped, it blunted our hacksaw and hammers, and chisels and axework on both chain and padlock were resisted with ease.

After five minutes it had sustained minimal damage and the lock could still be operated with the key. Under power tool attack things were less impressive: in less than 30 seconds we’d cut the chain in half.

For less than £30 for a metre-and-a-half of chain we weren’t expecting a great deal, but a lock that resisted over five minutes of attack for such little cash has to be considered a bargain. Aside from that, the chain looks big and burly so as a visual deterrent it’s most certainly a winner.

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