Oxford Brute Force wall/ground anchor review£19.99

Affordable anchor

BikeRadar score3.5/5

This budget wall or ground anchor is made from hardened steel with a ‘U’ section welded to a flat base plate. It’s tough stuff and pretty resistant to cutting.

It’s not as tough as Oxford's heavier-duty Anchor Force anchor but you still need to make two cuts to get through it because the thick plate is nigh on impossible to bend.

The hole is 40x35mm at its widest. This allows most chains to pass through easily, but not larger ones such as the biggest Pragmasis Protectors.

The two bolts that come with the anchor are designed to fit into brickwork but at only 65mm we’d prefer them to be a little longer.

They do come with ball bearings to seal the bolt heads, though. It’s unlikely that the anchor would be levered but if it was those short bolts would be a worry.

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