Pragmasis Protector chain + Master Lock padlock review£41.75

Head and shoulders above its competitors

BikeRadar score5/5

This is one of the lighter options from the Protector chain range. Weighing in at a shade more than 3kg it isn’t exactly what you’d call portable, but transport certainly isn’t out of the question.

It managed to resist a 4ft pair of bolt croppers with ease and although it showed a little more bruising after a hammer, chisel and axe attack, we’re really just flattering ourselves – this damage was, for the most part, superficial.

In our second round of tests, using a high power output portable angle grinder, the 3min 3sec cutting time was mightily impressive and worthy of rival brands that sell at a much higher price. At less than £100 this stands head and shoulders above its competitors; at under £50 it’s simply astonishingly good value.

Pragmasis may be a small independent British outfit with no remit for expensive packaging or designed logos and marketing, but producing security of this type, they're very difficult to rival. Many different Protector options are available in terms of both length and padlock. The version tested here is rated Sold Secure gold.

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