Torc Ground Anchor review£59.99

Unbeatable security

BikeRadar score5/5

The Torc anchor weighs nearly 3kg so you know it’s a substantial bit of kit. It’s available with fitting kits for concrete, brick and even a van, all at no extra cost.

Fitting the anchor to a concrete floor involves making four holes with the provided masonry drill bit and using a chemical resin to seat the sockets for the M10 bolts. Once these are set you simply bolt the anchor to the floor and hammer the ball bearings provided into the hex sockets.

The shackle itself is 20mm of hardened steel formed into a complete D shape, with a 12mm-thick base plate holding it in place. Trying to break this anchor was one of our most pointless exercises ever.

With no amount of give in the immensely tough structure and the chemical fix to the ground, we were more likely to break the floor than the anchor. The shackle blunted our saw and even the power tool cutter – we burnt through discs and battery life before even so much as a groove was cut into the surface.

The Torc’s also protected from corrosion – a zinc coating is applied before the final powder coat finish. All in all, this is the toughest anchor we've tested at a price that’s cheaper than most of the competitions’.

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