Columbia Mobex Float AR backpack review£70.00

More hiker than biker

BikeRadar score2.5/5

A pack that's always fully expanded is a neat idea. Using flexible lightweight poles is even neater. What isn’t so neat is that the end result is a ‘bigger than it has to be’ silhouette. The forced-open shape allows the contents, especially things like pumps, to rattle around unless held in place by spare clothing.

Made from a lightweight ripstop nylon, the body of the pack is stretched tight and we felt it was more susceptible to being ripped than if the material were allowed to be limp. The pack gets its rigidity from a height adjustable harness that works as advertised and is comfortable on the shoulders, especially with a heavy load.

There’s an internal netting divider to house items off but it’s the lack of compressive ability that makes us leave this well-made, comfortable and ingenious pack on the shelf in favour of others. We feel it'll suit casual hikers more than hardcore bikers.

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