Vaude Trail Light 12 hydration pack review£42.00

Versatile pack

BikeRadar score3/5

This versatile pack is suitably lightweight, but sacrifices organisational aids to gain larger storage space than pure race packs.

In practice, that means you get one main compartment, plus a smaller front pocket without any little compartments or secure zippered sections.

Still, after packing it with just a jacket, essential tools and a snack, we found we relished the feathery weight more than we missed sorting kit.

There are two side pockets, which are fine for bars but so slim that a solitary gel left at the bottom becomes hard to extract.

The back panel is firm enough to give the pack shape even when it isn’t full, and although we were more aware of the hard back than the smaller packs in this category, the padded vertical sections make it very comfortable.

We also liked the pack away cover that’s not just good for rain – it keeps the muck off too, which helps protect your belongings.

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