Ortlieb saddlebag review£28.00

Waterproof saddle wedge

BikeRadar score2.5/5

It's made by Ortlieb, so this 0.8 litre saddlebag is waterproof, keeping your tools and spares 100 percent dry despite wheel spray or rain.

Like Ortlieb’s classic panniers, it uses a roll-closure – you wind the ends over three times and clip the buckle. Unlike the panniers, on bumpy roads or off-road tracks the saddlebag’s closure can slowly unroll and then shake out your favourite multitool… We lost a Topeak Hexus.

It behaved well on smooth roads with a smaller load but we never trusted it again. It’s also available in sizes M (1.3L) and L (2.7L), and as the 1.3L Saddlebag Classic (polyester not Cordura). We’d suggest you buy an Ortlieb Mudracer instead.

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