Curana C-lite mudguards review£39.99

Stylish fenders

BikeRadar score3/5

These mudguards aren't made of extruded aluminium like the Salmon Super Profil they superficially resemble but rather a composite sandwich-like chromoplastic.

They fit easily to the frame, fork and mudguard eyelets, and are available to fit 26in and 700C wheels in widths from 30-60mm. Each ’guard has one thick stay each side, in the form of a U-shaped hoop whose ends are at the dropout.

There is limited adjustment here, using small screws in plastic brackets at the front and P-clip fixings at the rear dropouts. If you want more adjustment you’ll need to trim the stays.

The main selling point is probably their appearance: the slim, shoulderless profile looks neat. But the plastic fixings would doubtless break away if anything jammed, thus preventing a painful face-plant.

That’s a useful safety feature, which is also offered by SKS’s P35 mudguards. As those are £10 cheaper and offer better spray protection at the sides, more adjustment and more secure fixings, it’s difficult to recommend the C-Lites over them.

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