Raleigh Airlite Raceguard mudguards review£21.99

Lightweight full-size 'guards

BikeRadar score3/5

These ultra-skinny, lightweight, full-length mudguards require careful fitting. The positioning of each sliding fixing point is crucial, especially the brake hangers, and may take more than one attempt.

We also had to shave the thickness of the front hanger in order to fasten the brake calliper bolt. Once fitted, the Airlites are barely noticeable next to black tyres, but their 28mm width and flat profile only just covers a 23mm tyre, limiting protection against heavy spray.

The unsupported length of the rear between the brake and the stainless stays lacks rigidity and bounces freely over bumps, but after initial adjustments has remained secure. Overall it’s a sleek, minimal design which saves bulk at the expense of outright performance. 

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