SKS Chromoplastic P35 mudguards review£25.99

The definitive road bike mudguards

BikeRadar score4.5/5

For riders in the know, SKS is THE name in mudguards. It uses a design that has been around for donkeys' years – and there's one simple reason for that: they work and work well.

The P35's guard or fender is made from 'chromoplastic', a thin piece of aluminium foil encased in plastic, which gives the distinct metallic look for the silver versions. This is hard wearing and very resistant to cracking – we twisted ours around and back on itself and it didn't crack or stress.

Our test models – the sleek-looking black version – were easy to fit to our Kinesis Racelight T test bike. P35s have a 35mm width and take a tyre up to 28mm. We got a nice close fit with 23mm and once everything was tightened off they didn't catch or rub at all.

All hardware is stainless steel. They also feature SKS's Secu-clip system which keeps the stays in place at the hub end, but will automatically 'pop' out in the event of an object catching between tyre and guard; this is an excellent safety measure.

In all, the P35 is the standard by which all guards should be measured. 

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