OverBoard waterproof rear pannier review£43.99

Weatherproof luggage

BikeRadar score3.5/5

This straightforward 16-litre roll-top bag has kept our stuff dry and securely attached through the recent lousy winter. It’s big enough for a complete change of clothes and a pair will take enough stuff for a short tour. You’ll need something bigger for an epic, though – the 32L version costs £72.98.

The attachment is simple but effective. Deep, thick plastic hooks at the top work with a lateral hook that grabs a rack strut. The bag has stayed put through skull-rattling downhill potholes and there’s no flap in corners. A tough plastic scuff-guard protects the lower corners from abrasion damage.

After-dark use is catered for with reflective logos on both ends, so you can use it either side of the bike, and a reflective panel. There’s a useful external pocket and a padded grab-handle for off-bike carrying. We sometimes found ourselves wanting a bit more capacity, but at £43.99 for the pair, these are good value.

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