Aquapac waterproof MP3 case and headphones review£50.00

Truly weatherproof

BikeRadar score2/5

We've been using Aquapac’s excellent waterproof phone pouch (£20) for a while and now they’ve added 100 percent waterproof headphones and a sealed lead for those who want all-weather grooving.

The pouch is designed around an iPhone 3/4 or an iPod but will obviously handle a similar sized smartphone/MP3 player, and it has a totally waterproof cam-locked top seal. The touchscreen still works through the case and you can even take pictures through the Lenzflex panel on the back.

The waterproof headphone jack links to Aquapac’s waterproof headphones. These come with three different silicone caps for the rounded ear buds and silicone hooks on the adjustable ear hooks for a very secure fit. It’s cleared for use down to 5m so the sweatiest or most sodden rides present no problem.

We tested it in a swimming pool and it was perfectly waterproof. Unfortunately the sound quality is really poor and tinny so you’ll really have to value the weatherproof potential to put up with the substandard stereo.

This article was originally published in Triathlon Plus magazine.

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