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Accurate timing

BikeRadar score4/5

The Freelap timing system is unique. It uses poles that produce an electromagnetic field that trigger the watches to start and stop when you pass the poles. If you’re riding a loop, you only need one pole as a start/finish point. If you’re riding a downhill track or similar, there needs to be a pole at both the start and finish. Other poles can be placed anywhere on the track to give split times.

We’ve been using our three poles and two watches for a good few months now and timed everything from the local cross-country test loop with one pole, to long downhill runs with a split, and everything has performed well. It’s been the staple feature of some pretty close mates’ racing too.

The watches hold data for up to 698 sessions, and even have an infra red function to beam your timing data to a PC. Just to top them off, they work as a normal watch too. The price might seem expensive, but the Freelaps give accurate timing down to hundredths of a second.

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