Minoura SG2 Space Grip review£12.99

Handlebar extension for gadgets

BikeRadar score3/5

As bike gadgets and powerful lights proliferate, there’s more need than ever for Minoura’s Space Grip: a T- or L-shaped bracket that adds a stub of extra handlebar.

The SG2 is 80mm long with a 100mm-wide bar stub, enough for two ‘things’. It fits to bars from 22-35mm in diameter and we found it rock solid. However, the mount is clunky and there are cheaper alternatives out there. It weighs 85g.

There’s also a longer and wider version, the SG1 Space Grip (£14.99); an articulated version, the SG3 Swing Grip (£16.99); and one that fits to handlebar baskets (or perhaps the bottom of a bar bag, with some DIY), the Basket Extension Grip (£9.99).

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