Salitas Morpho ice packs review£39.99

Soothe injured or aching limbs

BikeRadar score4/5

Using cold compresses to reduce inflammation around injuries and speed up recovery is common practice among athletes. You need to use traditional ice packs carefully to avoid freezer burns, and although frozen peas mould perfectly to bony joints for maximum cooling, both solutions warm up within minutes of application.

The Morpho ice pack, which you chill in the freezer, improves on both these cooling solutions, with pockets of ice held in a barrier gel which controls the surface temperature at 3-9°C – the optimum for reducing inflammation. The patented honeycomb structure in the pack helps it provide up to four hours of cooling.

You can even store it in a cool box for 12 hours for use after events without losing the cooling effect. While not as easy to mould as frozen peas, Morpho can fit even knobbly knees without trouble, making it the best option for cooling injured joints and muscles we’ve tried.

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