SlickSkin Spray On chamois cream review£14.00

Soothe, smooth and friction free

BikeRadar score4/5

We've tried pretty much all the chamois creams that are on the market – menthol, soft, hard, waxy, water based. As a result we're discerning loin-lube connoisseurs. So a cream that comes in an aerosol (115g) was something we wanted to try and we're glad we did.

We’re pleased to report that SlickSkin is up there (or should that be ‘down there’?) with the best of them. The spraycan means you can apply it to your undercarriage and shorts without using your hands. Enjoy the mild cooling tingle, then go ride. 

It’s sticky and thick, and while it isn’t as oily as some, it lasts a lot longer. You’ll feel it working from mile one and still feel it working at the end of the ride, even on day-long epics. Even on a hard, rain-soaked four-hour ride it stayed in place, protecting our tender bits from beginning to end. 

Our only minor criticism is that the spray cap kept falling off on our test sample. It’s mildly annoying but it certainly won’t stop us from using it.

This article was compiled from reviews in What Mountain Bike and Triathlon Plus

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