MaxxRaxx wall-mounted bike rack review£49.00

Free up floorspace

BikeRadar score2.5/5

Bike storage can be an issue if you have limited space. This rack from UK manufacturer Maxxraxx frees up some vital room on the floor.

As long as you know how to wield a drill, mounting the rack is plain sailing. You just drill three holes and bolt it straight into place. You don’t need to use raw plugs and Maxxraxx supply the mounting screws and a Torx bit for your drill.

Slotting the bikes into place is easy - just rest the toptube onto the cradle and lock it down using the ratchet strap and even secure it using the built-in cable lock. The full length of the toptube underside needs to be clear of suspension gubbins, though, or your bike won’t fit.

Once the bike is in place, the rack doubles up as a workstand. Although we would warn you to be careful – leaning on a spanner while doing a job like fitting a bottom bracket can easily damage your bike's frame where it rests on the rack.

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