BBB trainer review£179.95

Not the best for the cash

BikeRadar score2.5/5

Setting up the BBB is pretty easy, despite ‘wing-nut I’ in fact being an Allen key bolt. Once you’re riding, it’s pretty noisy, but only marginally more so than the competition. This aspect of turbos has improved dramatically in the past couple of years.

It feels stable and there’s no sense of flex and wobble, even when giving it some real stick. Resistance is altered using a handlebar-mounted lever and it offers five levels of resistance. However, although there’s a difference between the bottom and top, incremental increases are nigh-on unnoticeable.

At the highest level, there’s a slight feeling of stickiness – often a problem with cheaper magnetic resistance systems – and there’s no feedback, so fitting a rear-mounted computer would be a good idea.

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