Kurt Kinetic Rock And Roll turbo trainer review£449.99

Ride indoors as if you were outdoors

BikeRadar score4/5

The  Kinetic Rock and Roll won the Cycling Plus turbo trainer group test in 2011 and for good reason: thanks to a clever design it’s the only turbo trainer that allows you to move the bike around underneath you, so you can get out of the saddle and really give it some welly. 

It’s not exactly the same as riding on the road but it comes pretty close, and we've always thought this to be an important facet of any indoor trainer. It took 45 seconds from a sprint to a stop, a sign that it holds momentum very well without giving you a free ride. It's not quiet either - you'll want good sound proofing if noise is a concern.

You can couple it with a Kinetic Pro Flywheel – available separately for £74.99 – for a tougher workout, but in practice we found the smaller flywheel that it came with did the job well.

As with all Kinetic machines, the construction quality is excellent and it should last you many seasons. It is quite heavy and requires a largish space to fit, so bear this in mind.

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