Stan's NoTubes tyre sealant (2oz) review£2.99

Trailside fix

BikeRadar score4/5

We love tubeless mountain bike tyres. What’s not to like about reduced weight and rolling resistance, lower tyre pressures and less time trying to dig pointy things out of your tyre carcass with a house key?

Running sealant is a wise move even if you’ve equipped yourself with the full house of tubeless-specific tyres and rims and aren’t reliant on it to complete the seal, but the fit-and-forget preferences of most mountain bikers (ourselves included) means that all too often the sealant is either dried up or all burped out by the time it’s needed.

If this sounds like you, then toss one of Stan's pocket-sized bottles of NoTubes sealant into your pack, pair with a CO2 inflator for the rapid influx of air that you won’t get with a mini-pump and your trailside fix is sorted.

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