Camelbak Podium water bottle review£7.99

A better mousetrap

BikeRadar score4.5/5

Camelbak has improved the humble water bottle with a soft, lockable mouthpiece, better seal and materials that don't affect the taste of your drink.

The beauty of the standard water bottle is its simple design and cheap cost. Carrying water in a bottle doesn’t need to be overcomplicated – but that hasn’t stopped Camelbak having a go at improving it. And after the first couple of glugs, the Podium won us over.

It’s basically a water bottle with a soft tipped bite valve replacing the tough plastic teat on regular bottles. The valve can also be locked off and the screw top is better sealed than your traditional design. Taste, or lack of it, is also noticeable and Camelbak’s claim that it lets you ‘taste your beverage – not the bottle’ is spot on.

The quality and versatility of the Podium makes the simple art of carrying and drinking water that little bit more refreshing. When we go out riding it’s the bottle we’ve been grabbing before anything else. It’s incredibly easy to use, gives a good flow rate and you don’t have to worry about closing the valve after drinking.

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