Argon 18 Krypton review£2,199.99

A ruthless, efficient ride

BikeRadar score4/5

The Krypton frame has been designed around Argon 18’s Horizontal Dual System (HDS) concept: imagine a diagonal line from the top of the head-tube to the rear dropouts – everything below this is designed with maximum rigidity and stiffness for power transfer and handling, while everything above should be more flexible (vertically) to improve comfort.

It also has Argon 18’s 3D head-tube, which replaces standard headset spacers with threaded ones that match the head-tube diameter. rather than adding spacers above the headset’s top-bearing race, you screw them in below, effectively extending the head-tube. It should be better for headset bearing life and stress the fork less.

Get the bike out on the road and the front end feels sharp, direct and quick to respond. The same can be said about the whole bike. Out-of-the-saddle efforts are instantly rewarded, with no movement or flex, backed up by Fulcrum’s excellent Racing 5 wheels. These might not be the lightest wheels around but for the price we’d recommend them. They’re hardwearing, smooth rolling and have stayed true. The build also features the excellent 3T Ergosum/ARX Pro bar stem combo and Continental’s dependable 24mm GP tyres, as well as the carbon Campagnolo Centaur groupset.

Where the bike’s impressive control really comes into play is on more technical descents. It revels in fast, tight bends and switchbacks, with a great point and shoot nature. It certainly doesn’t do all the work for you though; it took some time to adapt to the evenly balanced, rigid feel. Sticking the Krypton into a corner at bigger lean angles requires faith and courage but the more you throw it over, the keener it feels.

On the flat it feels ruthlessly efficient, positive and powerful, so we were a little surprised it doesn’t feel quite so great on the climbs. It isn’t sluggish, it just feels neutral. But it does a great job of keeping any vibrations at bay, making for a smooth overall ride and coping with rough, scarred surfaces well. If you’re looking for a bike with great handling and truly efficient performance, this should be high on your list of potentials.

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