'Training and racing with a power meter' review£17.99

Comprehensive training guide

BikeRadar score4/5

Hunter Allen and Andrew Coggan are vastly experienced coaching and power meter experts, and this second edition of their book Training and Racing with a Power Meter is totally up to date in terms of hardware.

They’ve added a new chapter devoted to triathletes, who they rightly say can benefit more from power measurement and pacing training because of the longer, predictable, solo-focused nature of multisport events. Also new is a chapter on quadrant analysis, which explains how you can use the relationship between pedalling force and cadence to your advantage.

The authors use a mix of direct information and case studies, and it’s a comprehensive look at the technological and physical aspects of power and fatigue-based testing. It also includes coaching and training sessions to target weaknesses highlighted by the data.

The acronym and scatter-diagram-rich, detailed text takes some chewing through. But if you’re determined to make proper use of a power meter it’s essential reading.

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