Chiba Expert gloves review£19.99

Surprisingly warm, low-bulk cool weather gloves

BikeRadar score3.5/5

These gloves are surprisingly warm for their low bulk and they offer reasonable wind-resistance too, although cold air can get in through the towelling thumb-back so they're not suitable for the coldest weather. 

They won't keep rain out either, although the faux-leather and rubberised palms are tough and a small amount of gel padding on the heel of the hand adds comfort. 

You also get an internal pocket on the back of the hand that can hold a warmer – such as an iron powder pouch – to add extra heat. 

The section between your thumb and forefinger, where you rest on the hoods, is well reinforced while extensive reflective panels add a heap of visibility. 

We found the elasticated wrist a little loose but the overall build quality is high. 

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