Fox Anti-freeze winter gloves review£35.00

Winter riding gloves

BikeRadar score3.5/5

These really are two pairs of gloves for the price of one. A thick Airprene outer shell does all the insulating and protection while a slip-in inner glove does the waterproofing. You can wear the outer on its own most of the time, stashing the thin inner in your rucksack until the weather turns nasty. 

This makes them a superbly flexible combination, although we did find the inner wasn’t 100 percent waterproof when submerged in a bucket. For 99 percent of normal conditions though, they kept the water out. Our hands were always kept toasty, even when the going got seriously cold and wet. 

The Pittard’s Digital leather palm is nice and thin, and even with the inner liner gave us an amazing amount of feel for a winter glove. The fit is spot-on too. The chunky thumb padding felt a little on the thick side to start with, but once we'd got used to it, it wasn’t an issue.

This article was compiled from reviews in What Mountain Bike and Mountain Biking UK

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