Giro Candela women's winter gloves review£39.00

Well-engineered hand warmers

BikeRadar score4/5

Giro’s Candela glove is one of the best we’ve tried for those who are diminutive of digit, and it’s justifiably pricey. The insulation is thick enough to do its job but not so bulky it restricts movement. A weather resistant back panel cuts wind chill to a minimum and thin palm padding in the long-lasting synthetic leather palm makes sure you can still feel controls while reducing vibration and maximising grip.

Minimal reflective detailing is fine for stealth trail rides but commuters might want more. The Velcro-fastened cuff isn’t particularly long; as one of the best ways to keep your hands warm in chilly weather is to tuck a base layer or jersey into gloves, you’ll want something that extends further up the wrist for true foul weather. For crisp, dry days or intermediate conditions these are perfect though. The larger-than-average 'glow' wipe – ladies don’t sweat, horses do – is a bonus. The men’s version is equally awesome.

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