Lizard Skins Blizzard gloves review£30.00

Moto inspired winter wear

BikeRadar score2.5/5

The Blizzard has the look of a Moto-X glove with its neoprene padding moulded over the knuckles and wrist. The hefty look and insulation extends across the rest of the back of the hand too, making this a warm glove and one that also held off water well, providing an overall extremely protected feeling.

The unpadded palm has extra reinforcement and silicon grip printed along and at the base of the fingers; this should have given the close control that we prefer, but the overall feel of the glove was too bulky and not as flexible as it could and should have been.

We didn’t get on too well with the fit adjustment either. It’s probably a personal thing, but the buckle made itself felt on the inside wrist too much to be really comfortable – so although this does have a great protective feel (from knocks, as well as the elements) it doesn’t score so highly on the comfort and performance front.

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