Lizard Skins G-love gloves review£23.00

Simple trail wear

BikeRadar score2.5/5

The G-Love is a fine but simple trail glove, but with no Velcro cuff and just some narrow neoprene piping to hold it in place, we found it lacked the snug fit of some of its rivals.

The pull tab on the back of the hand was pretty useless – we just found ourselves pulling at the base of the palm where there was no tab.

Double stitching at high stress points was a plus, though, as was the double suede thickness on the bridge between the thumb and index finger.

With a thickly padded heel and thumb base, but much thinner padding along the bottom of the fingers, the G-Love’s support is decent while retaining some good bar grip.

Spelling out ‘g-l-o-v-e’ in silicone print across the finger tips is good fun and adds well to the grip of the gloves at the control points. 

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