MacWet Windstopper gloves review£29.99

Startling wet-weather grippers

BikeRadar score5/5

Thanks to MacWet's synthetic microfiber fabric, these wet-weather gloves really do grip your handlebars better when they're wet than dry.

We thought MacWet's claims sounded dubious, but it works a treat. The best way to get the best grip from these gloves is to get them wet. It sounds bonkers, but it really is true. As far as grip goes in the wet, there isn't a glove on the market that can come close to these.

It used to be one of life's mysteries that nobody had come up with a glove that offers more grip when you need it; which is when your bars and controls are wet.

MacWet's range of gloves covers lots of sports. The Windstopper model suits us cyclists a treat. For under thirty quid they are extremely well made, with Gore Windstopper on the back faces, and the MacWet's own synthetic material on the palm and finger contact surfaces.

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