Polaris Roam gloves review£19.99

Give your hands a breather

BikeRadar score3.5/5

The Roam gloves from Polaris are aimed at enduro and cross-country riders but will suit anytrail rider who wants to give their hands a breather.

The upper section of the glove is made from a lightweight, breathable mesh that will mould to every contour of your hand without restricting it in the slightest.

The mesh allows a great amount of airflow but is still tough enough to take the odd snag from stray branches here and there.

With no form of cuff fastening, it’s all down to the stretchy Neoprene surround to keep the gloves secure. The Neoprene maintains the gloves’ minimalist theme and is completely unrestrictive, yet tight enough to be secure once in place.

The fit is good and the palm is nice and thin, ensuring plenty of feedback from the grips. If it weren’t for the ample sized terry cloth nose wipe, you’d forget you had them on.

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