Scott DH Xtreme III Gloves review£39.00

Durable DH gloves that may suit aggressive urban commuters more than MTBers given their hi-vis whiteness

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Burly gloves aren't at the top of the list for everyone, but these stylish knuckle protectors from Scott may just sway you.

Also available in black, we opted for the Stormtrooper-style white ones, which isn't the best glove for mud-plugging but is great for commuting, as your hands can easily be seen when signalling. There are also heavy-duty knuckle and heel guards, which come in handy for reminding cars you're there. With a heavy-duty construction of leather, Neoprene and synthetic fabrics, the DH Extreme III has rubber padding on the palm of the glove and a TPR wrist strap that offers good support. The fit is snug, which is due to the heavy-duty feel, but the cut is good so the glove doesn't feel cumbersome. Although it's not a winter glove, the thick Neoprene-covered fingers keep your hands surprisingly warm, making it a great aid for safety on the streets in winter.

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